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On April 18th, David Axelrod, the mindmeister behind Obama’s rise from state senator to Senator, to President in a decade, announced on a Youtube video he would be joining Ed Miliband campaign as  »senior strategic advisor ».

Axelrod will be joining the community organizing efforts initiated by Arnie Graf, to help the Labor canvass the country. The former Senior Adviser in President Obama’s White House will arrive on May 14 in London for two days of strategy meetings with Mr Miliband, Harriet Harman, and other senior Shadow Cabinet members. Senior figures in AKPD Message & Media, Axelrod’s company, including veterans from the Obama for America campaign Larry Grisolano and Mike Donilon,  will further strengthen Labour’s campaign with their expertise.

Axelrod will also have to deal with the attacks of Lynton Crosby, but also with the skills of Jim Messina, recently hired by the Tories to level up Cameron’s campaign.

Given the stakes, UK is now an international battlefield. It is not uncommon for American consultants to enter the fray of British politics. As prime minister, Tony Blair was heavily influenced by veterans of the Clinton administration, including pollster Stan Greenberg, who continues to work for Labor.But it is unusual for a sitting American president to have two of his most prominent former campaign gurus working on opposite sides of an election that will determine who leads the government of Washington’s closest ally.

The game will be to secure Miliband’s lead in the polls, despite flak from the Tories but also his own party, days before the 2015 General elections. The whole world is gonna be watching.

Stay tuned!